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About the Firm

Accent Legal is an award-winning boutique law firm specializing in domestic and international arbitration and litigation. With a proven track-record of success, we are known for our strong advocacy and counsel in cases bearing significant risk and complexity.

Quality Advice and Advocacy

We believe in quality advice and advocacy, not volume—which makes us more nimble, innovative and cost-effective than traditional law firms, without compromising on the expertise needed to win cases. We care about your case, and strive to deliver results—every time, no exceptions.

Dedicated Small Teams of Specialists

When you choose Accent Legal, your case will be dealt with by a small team of specialists who deliver unparalleled service through high-calibre, pointed advice and advocacy.

Proudly Collaborative

Our firm is collaborative through and through. We believe that great ideas can come from anyone and will work with your team to achieve your organizational goals. Because of our collaborative nature, we are open to alternative fee structures which are mutually beneficial to both your interests and ours.


We do things differently. Accent Legal was born from a desire to provide an alternative for sophisticated clients looking for high quality counsel and representation in high-impact disputes, without the lumbering machinery and cost consequence of the traditional law firm infrastructure.

We operate on the New Law model, and our firm’s structure and size permits flexibility and innovation without compromising on our clients’ objectives. Our knowledge of dispute resolution, accumulated over years of experience, coupled with legal project management processes, platforms and tools, allows us to quickly grasp the complexity of your case to implement winning strategies and drive results. We view you as a collaborator and ensure that the value gained from our expertise gets passed directly and efficiently to you, the client—and not to paying for our overhead.

Areas of Expertise

Accent Legal is active in all aspects of arbitration, litigation and dispute prevention. Our founder and principal lawyer, Dimitri Maniatis, honed his skills for over 15 years at a top- tier dispute resolution firm alongside one of the country’s leading litigators, and has been top ranked by Benchmark Litigation since 2014. His expertise in high impact cases of significant complexity is brought to bear when tackling any matter.

Brilliant litigation never happens in a vacuum. At Accent Legal, we recognize that careful planning, strategy and execution is what carries the day. By catering our approach to your ideal outcome, we work to achieve your objectives, without exception. This is something that only experience can teach, and we pride ourselves on this ability. We know how to drive success in both civil and commercial litigation and compete head-to-head with the heavyweights to bring exceptional value to our clients. We have defended many cases through dynamic litigation strategies and have resolved disputes rapidly and to the satisfaction of our clients. Our expertise dealing with high-stakes legal actions allows us to look far ahead to chart the best course of action for you. Our dedication to transparency, collaboration, and flexibility, combined with the vigorous pursuit of your best interests, lets us effectively manage your case from day one.

We have meaningful experience in insolvency and restructuring proceedings, having represented a variety of key stakeholders in such matters. We are able to assist foreign and local parties faced with the insolvency of a supplier, customer or other counter-party, whether such insolvency proceeding is governed by the Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act or the Companies’ Creditor Arrangement Act.

We are arbitration specialists. Having successfully represented parties in complex arbitration—both in Canada and internationally—we have the skills and expertise to advocate for your company before any tribunal, governed by any of the recognized rule sets.

We are skilled in the area of final offer arbitration, having acted in multiple shipper-carrier disputes. Whether you are a shipper or carrier, you want someone in your corner who knows the system inside and out. With our full-service alternative dispute resolution expertise, we are able to represent you at every stage—including throughout the negotiations which precede the final offer round—to ensure that your interests are protected.

At Accent Legal we recognize that disputes are an inevitable part of doing business, and the relationship between investors and the State is no exception. We ensure that investors get the fighting chance they need when navigating the complexities of disputes between themselves and the State.

In mining, transportation, construction and other capital-intensive sectors, making a foreign investment decision is often fraught with risk. Structuring such investments in a manner that takes advantage of bilateral investment treaties or other multilateral investor protection mechanisms can help mitigate such risk. Our services in this area can help our clients gain an upper-hand when undertaking projects abroad.

Sport is not immune from controversy and disputes. Whether for doping cases, carding disputes or other disciplinary matters, we can help you vigorously defend your interests before national and international bodies and tribunals.

While most arbitral awards are voluntarily complied with, it is sometimes necessary to seek their recognition and enforcement. Alternatively, awards can be challenged in court when warranted. Having acted in such matters and made jurisprudence with some of our cases, we know the intricacies of the law governing the enforcement and annulment of arbitral awards and can help you in either circumstance.

Dimitri Maniatis, our principal lawyer, is recognized as one of the few lawyers active in the mining space who specializes in the dispute resolution side of the practice. We are able to work in all areas of mining industry disputes, including international minerals arbitration, option and joint venture disputes, offtake disputes, class actions, mining industry insolvencies, and royalty disputes.

Construction disputes present significant challenges and often involve complex issues among multiple parties. The stakes are usually high for owners, investors and lenders, as well as for the design professionals and builders. In large infrastructure projects, the risks and complexities are magnified on account of cross-jurisdictional components, remote locations and the scale and  scope of the works.

The construction industry has been an early adopter of alternative dispute resolution, but careful legal structuring is needed at the outset to ensure a comprehensive resolution mechanism is available and covers all of the parties involved in a construction project. Additionally, interim adjudication mechanisms which de-escalate disputes and ensure that they don’t impact schedule are critical.

At Accent Legal, we have meaningful experience acting for project stakeholders in respect of dispute risk mitigation and resolution. Whether it be in respect of claims involving deficiencies and defects, cost overruns, schedule delays, professional negligence, procurement issues, hold-backs, non-payment, construction liens or insolvency proceedings, we are able to assist you.

We are skilled in the negotiation and mediation of business disputes and can help your company navigate the complexities of these interactions. We use our years of accumulated expertise to help you arrive at the most favourable outcome when you get to the negotiating table.

For companies without in-house legal departments, we offer litigation management solutions. Having worked extensively with large institutional and corporate clients such as insurance companies, multinational companies and universities, we are thoroughly familiar with litigation management guidelines and policies and how to effectively manage legal spend without compromising results. With our innovative budgeting and tracking tools and systems, we are able to effectively price, budget and track legal services, allowing you and us to plan accordingly.

While we are best known for our expertise in dispute resolution, our practice also encompasses civil and commercial law advisory matters. From negotiating commercial agreements to acting as general counsel for some of our clients, our advisory practice involves a broad range of matters. You can trust in us to ensure that your business will be given high quality legal advice so that you can focus on the rest.

The transportation industry is highly regulated and raises discreet economic, business and legal issues. We have meaningful experience in transportation matters and are able to offer advice, counsel and legal representation to shippers, carriers, suppliers and others in the rail and air sectors, across a variety of matters.

When dealing with choice of law and forum selection clauses in commercial agreements, we can help you make an informed decision. We understand the need to have our clients heard in forums that will be more favourable to their interests, and work with them to build these clauses in to their contracts.

Our Legal Team


B.C.L./ LL. B., LL. M. McGill University

Quebec Bar 1999; New York Bar 1998; Massachusetts Bar 1996

Dimitri is the founder and principal lawyer at Accent Legal. After 15+ years at a leading law firm, he now offers his services from a boutique platform to help clients solve complex, high-impact disputes in a wide variety of practice areas and industries. His areas of expertise include international and domestic commercial arbitration, construction disputes, mining arbitration, final offer arbitration, insolvency and restructuring and civil and commercial litigation. Ranked as a leading lawyer, he has represented clients before all levels of the Canadian courts, including the Supreme Court of Canada, as well as before both domestic and international arbitration tribunals.

Please visit Dimitri’s full biography for further information on his specific areas of expertise and to view highlights of his most representative legal work.

Carl Miller


B.C.L./J.D. Université de Montréal  (in progress)

Carl is completing the requirements for a B.C.L. (civil law) and J.D. (common law) at the Faculty of Law at Université de Montréal.

During his studies, Carl volunteered at the Legal Information Clinic at McGill University and the Clinique juridique d’Université de Montréal, collaborating with other volunteers and his supervisors to provide legal information and assistance to those in need. Carl also worked as a research assistant for a sole practitioner and a retired Superior Court Justice, conducting research in the domains of corporate law, labour law, environmental law, and family law, among others. Carl takes pride in his discipline, creativity, and attention to detail and consistently applies these qualities to all his projects.

News and Insights

As leaders in dispute resolution, we are committed to contributing to legal scholarship and analyzing how the legal developments of today affect the business and legal landscape of tomorrow. Follow our news and insights to stay updated on these items and other publications regarding the firm.

Accent Legal founder and principal lawyer, Dimitri Maniatis, has been recognized in Benchmark Litigation’s 2024 edition of Benchmark Canada – an annual publication recognizing

The ideal candidate is driven to succeed, with demonstrated strong research, writing, and analytical skills. Functional bilingualism is required, together with excellent English language skills. Experience before the courts is unnecessary.

Accent Legal founder and principal lawyer, Dimitri Maniatis, has been recognized in Benchmark Litigation’s 2022 edition of Benchmark Canada – an annual publication recognizing Canada’s top litigation lawyers...

A recent decision of the Quebec Court of Appeal upheld the referral of an insurance coverage dispute to arbitration and in doing so offered valuable insights on several key topics related to dispute resolution clauses and the interplay between arbitration and the function of the courts...

On July 23, 2021, the Supreme Court of Canada rendered a unanimous decision in Corner Brook (City) v. Bailey - a case which offers guidance on the drafting and interpretation of releases.

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