Dimitri Maniatis Presents on Selected Topics of Interest in Arbitration and Alternative Dispute Resolution

Dimitri Maniatis June 1st, 2018

Dimitri Maniatis was pleased to deliver remarks on selected topics of interest in arbitration and alternative dispute resolution at the Canadian Association of Paralegals annual conference. Having worked closely with many talented paralegals over the years, Dimitri was happy for the opportunity to discuss best-practices in discovery and document review in arbitration. In too many cases, senior lawyers delegate document review with insufficient guidance, leading to what Dimitri calls “discovery mayhem” – a disorganized, inefficient, unreliable and expensive process that doesn’t properly identify and escalate key documents to the trial team. Coupled with specialized technology platforms, proper planning and management of the review process is critical, especially when business and commercial cases tend to be won or lost on the documents.

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